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Saudah is an Indo-Irish Muslim illustrator based in London. The name she uses in her handles ‘Saudah Pop’ comes from one of the many mispronunciations of her name, in this case ‘Soda’ (hence, Soda Pop, like the drink).


She graduated from Middlesex University, London with a BA in Illustration and MA in Children's Book Illustration and Graphic Novels.


She primarily works in digital and printmaking media, with a focus on different areas including comics, character design and book illustration. In terms of printmaking, her main methods are linocut printing and etching.


She enjoys telling stories that both entertain and educate, as it is her firm belief that through something as innate to humans as storytelling, we can empower, inspire, and support each other.


In her free time Saudah enjoys needlework, video games and being a good plant mum to her ever-growing jungle.

Awarded  'One to Watch' at D&AD New Blood Awards 2020 for Illustration/Animation

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