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The Last Viceroy of India

Short comic re-telling the story of the last Viceroy of India and his role in the partition of the country. Available on Webtoon here


The Fly by George Langelaan


Adaptation of The Fly by George Langelaan

Granard, Ireland 1984


In an effort to tell a little known but important story, I wrote and illustrated a 4 page comic re-telling of the fateful incident that took place in Ireland and to discuss the importance of female reproductive rights. 

Granard, Ireland 1984 1
Granard, Ireland 1984 2-3


A short, wordless comic about the afterlife. Inspired by myths about the underworld an the judgement of humans. 

Available on Webtoon here


Dante's Inferno

Concertina zine adaptation of Dante's decent into hell

dante interno 12-13.jpg
dane inferno 9-10.jpg
dante inferno 14.jpg
dante inferno 5.jpg