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Third Culture Kids
african mask.jpg
irish mask.jpg
greek mask.jpg
baltic bride.jpg
etching map 1.jpg

Lino prints and Etchings

As part of an extended project looking into Third Culture Kids, I made first a roughly 30x35 cm etching of a map, inspired by the work of Gemma Correll and Grayson Perry, charting the emotional experiences of Third Culture Kids. The series of masks developed after further research and learning about how Third Culture Kids often have different masks or faces that they present depending on which aspect of their culture they are currently in. Clockwise from Top left: West Africa (based off Benin Mask), Greek comedy mask, Gelina Pomak bride from Bulgaria and a Northern European inspired piece with its base in works like Lindisfarne Gospels, Book of Kells and Scandinavian art. 

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